Clear Acrylic

Stainless Steel


Custom pool table lighting


Elusive Lighting is a company dedicated to making unique and custom pool table lighting for all styles of tables. Here at Elusive Lighting we have created a light that resembles an actual pool table. After receiving a patent in 2012, we produced three different styles of lights. A traditional cherry/oak style, a clear acrylic light that displays the inner workings and a stainless steel light.

Our unique and custom pool table lights are made from light weight material and are easily mounted or hung from almost any ceiling. Fitted in every pocket is a recessed pot light that can be positioned by the player for optimum illumination. On the bottom of the custom light is a reflective acrylic surface so the play on the table is mirrored on the base of the light. In addition to the recessed pot lights, LED lights are placed beneath the lights railings, providing a dazzling and unique effect when reflected from the acrylic surface.

Our custom lights come in 4 different categories :

1.Traditional Cherry or Oak
2.Stainless Steel
3.Transparent Acrylic
4.Custom made to your specifications

Feel free to browse our website and sample each lighting fixture and visit our contact page for more information on how to purchase an Elusive Light.